There are currently two types of user role on your HeadBox Business account:

  1. Member:

Members can search, book and pay for a Space, with all bookings being attributed to your company, and relevant payment methods.
However, Members have no access to the HeadBox Business dashboard. 

      2. Manager:

Managers have access to all HeadBox Business pages, plus the budget and the spend for all teams.

Following feedback from the HeadBox Business community, we have introduced a new user role; Administrator:

  • Administrator:

Administrators will have higher permissions than the current Manager user role. Administrators will be able to view and make changes across all teams and the company as a whole. The new Administrator user role would be ideal for the most senior members using the HeadBox Business platform, for example the Finance or Procurement user, who will need access to all budgets and booking information. 

The introduction of the new Administrator user role, means a slight reduction in the permissions of the Manager role. Managers will no longer be able to view or edit sensitive information for teams they are not a part of.

Below are the three HeadBox Business user roles, with their revised permissions following these changes:

Member permissions: 

  • Book venues using payment methods authorised by their team Manager
  • View and share their favourite Spaces with other Members on the account

Manager permissions:

  • View the bookings dashboard
  • Invite users to the company account
  • Create teams
  • Add payment methods
  • Review or cancel booking requests
  • Receive notifications about team bookings
  • Modify team budgets and payment methods for team they are set to manage

Administrator permissions: 

  • View and modify all teams' data on the bookings dashboard
  • Suspend users
  • Modify all team and company information, budgets and payment methods

Please also note, the role which allows access to the HeadBox Business back end, by your main contact at HeadBox, is currently called "admin". To avoid any confusion, this role has been changed to "HB Support".

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch with

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