Our HeadBox Business service allows you to make significant savings on a variety of costs such as your team's time, legal fees and venue hire fees on every booking. We drive significant savings through the following:

  • Market Forces

By bringing venues into a transactional marketplace, we have forced them into direct competition with their peers. The resulting market ensure prices remain competitive and transparent.

  • Relationships

Unlike some venue listing sites, or third-party agencies, HeadBox has strong relationships with all 6,000 of our venue partners. Significantly, these are underpinned by the Terms and Conditions that all of our spaces agree to when working with us, ensuring a level of transparency that is essential for securing the most competitive prices.

  • Economies of Scale

With 16,000 bookers from more than 300 corporates across the UK and Ireland, HeadBox wields an unrivalled purchasing power through both our online and offline channels, ensuring we are always one step ahead in negotiations. 

  • Rebate

As part of our business offering, HeadBox offer a rebate of up to 2% on the total annual booking value of our clients. Scaled up to an annual budget in excess of £250,000 this feature ensures meaningful savings are achieved by working with HeadBox. 

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