Why not? It’s free to list on HeadBox and it will put your venue in front of a whole new corporate audience looking for Spaces. Our beautifully designed website is a great place to showcase your venue and the simple, online platform streamlines the booking process from start to finish, for both you and the Guest. There’s far less admin and no paperwork - everything is done online and we facilitate the payment. Here are some of the reasons why listing your Space with HeadBox is a great idea!

Monetise Underused Space

The HeadBox platform enables you to unlock revenue from under-utilised Spaces. If you own a Space that sits unused at certain times of the day, week, month or year, you could benefit from renting it out. Whether it’s a coffee shop that would make a great evening venue, an empty meeting room in your office or an art gallery that is only open during the daytime, there are so many Spaces with untapped potential.

Set Your Own Price

You decide on the price you want to charge guests and you’re free to change this throughout the year, as you wish. You can also negotiate one-off bespoke prices directly with guests. Find out more about pricing.

Be in Control

Our online messaging service allows the Guest to contact you directly so that you can discuss any details of the venue or their proposed event and make sure you are both clear about what has been agreed. You can accept or deny any Guest who wishes to book your Space; you have the right to cancel (in accordance with our Cancellation Policy); you can add or remove listings as you wish.

No Admin

It only takes a few moments to list your venue (find out more about listing here) and it’s then quick and easy for Guests to book. You can manage the entire process through the HeadBox platform, allowing you to free yourself from all the usual admin. Receive enquiries and Booking Requests through the website and simply confirm, discuss further, or reject the Booking Request.

Quick and Easy Payment

There’s no need to invoice the Guest or chase for payment. We take full payment as soon as you accept their booking and it’s held in an escrow account. Once we receive payment, we transfer the balance directly to you, minus our 10% commission (see Fee Structure and Invoicing and Booking & Payment for more information). We use the industry best practice for dealing with your money via our trusted payment partners Paypal and Braintree, meaning you don’t need to worry about not being paid, incorrect or lost payments or data protection including your debit/credit card details. You can then download the corresponding invoices immediately from your account. Seamless!

Market Your Venue with Us

If you want some extra exposure for your Space we can feature your venue on our website, blog and newsletters, as well as other promotional opportunities. If you wish to discuss please contact marketing@headbox.com.

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