As a Host, you are fully responsible for setting your Prices and your Damage Deposit, and the following from HeadBox is advice only. 

This is one of the most important parts of your Space listing. Below are some tips on how to set the best price for your Space:

Be open and honest

Nothing will be gained from misleading your Guests on your pricing. Therefore ensure you are happy with your pricing before you upload your listings.

Set different rates

As a Host, you are able to set different pricing for Guests depending on when and for how long they book your Space. Do some research on local hourly rates of similar Spaces to your Space own. Base your hourly rate on your research, and adjust your rate in relation to your own Space size and features. 

As an incentive for someone to book for a day we would encourage you to ensure booking for a day is cheaper than booking for every hour of that day individually.

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