You are responsible for your listing and the content you provide will be posted directly on your venue page, without further editing by HeadBox. However, HeadBox reserves the right to make changes to your listing and copy if we feel that we can improve the description for SEO purposes. Please use these guidelines when writing your venue description.

Your venue name is the name of your whole establishment. The Space name is the name of the specific Space for hire within your venue. For example, if you are listing a meeting room within a hotel, the venue name is that of the hotel, and the Space name is the name of the meeting room. You can create multiple listings for several Spaces within a single venue.

Please describe your Space in as much detail as you can, trying to give the Guest as much information as possible to encourage them to book the Space. Make sure you include practical information, like a PDF of a menu or drinks list, and the Space's full capacity. Try to give an idea of the feel and look of the Space too. A minimum of 3 high resolution photos combined with your description should give Guests everything they need to feel confident about booking your Space.

We offer a copywriting service for a small fee, should you wish to have your listing written for you. Please contact us on for more details.

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