HeadBox created digital Event Proposals to help venues and corporate bookers to eliminate unnecessary calls and emails from the event booking process. 

When you receive a new enquiry from one of our HeadBox Business corporate clients, you’ll be able to add your quote directly to the Event Proposal. 

The Event Proposal automatically pulls information such as photography, listing details, location, and 3D venue tours from your HeadBox listing. All you need to do is add your customised availability and pricing to the quote and submit it to the Event Proposal. 

The finished Event Proposal, complete with your quote, will look something like this:

This technology offers HeadBox Hosts the ultimate control over what is sent to our corporate clients, and removes unnecessary steps from your workflow, helping you respond to enquiries more efficiently.

The HeadBox Business client will receive your quote, and will be able to arrange a site visit via their HeadBox Account Manager and ultimately accept or reject your quote. If your quote is rejected, you’ll also be given a reason why, unlocking more insights to help your venue win more bookings in the future!

Find out how to create a quote here.

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