HeadBox Hosts submit quotes directly to digital Event Proposals for HeadBox Business enquiries, making the process of submitting a quote to our corporate clients much quicker and easier.

This cuts out unnecessary phone calls and emails, offers Hosts more control over what is sent to HeadBox Business clients and provides more visibility on where your live enquiries are sitting in the sales process and when you can expect a decision.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to add your quote to a digital Event Proposal

  2. Click Create Quote to add the details and pricing information

  3. You can then use details from your HeadBox Space listing which are automatically copied for you to edit as necessary.

  4. You can use details from a previous quote. Simply choose from a list of quotes you’ve previously sent for your Space which you can also edit where necessary. 

  5. Add cost items to your quote. This is where you can add any additional costs such as catering, AV, security, and damage deposits, and the total cost for the event.

  6. Preview your quote to confirm that it includes all the information you want to send to the HeadBox Business client. 

  7. Click ‘Create Quote’ to submit your quote to the Event Proposal.

Once your quote is submitted you will receive an email notification to let you know if it was accepted or rejected in real-time. If your quote is rejected, you’ll also be given a reason why, unlocking more insights to help you venue win more bookings in future!

Find out how to create quotes from previous templates here

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