There are a variety of different roles that can be applied to our HeadBox Business software.

Team Member: this role is most suitable for corporate event planners who manage one or more events for their company. The user role enables you to submit your brief, receive a Digital Proposal, book your site visit and confirm your venue and suppliers. You will also gain access to your Event Hub, which allows you track all of your event enquiries in real time.

Team Manager: this role is most suitable to an individual who manages a team of corporate event bookers (or Team Members). This user role enables you to create Team Members, organise them into team and set spend thresholds per team or Team Member. You will also have access to the team's Event Hub and company Business Dashboard which visualises and centralises overall booking activity, savings and your performance against your specified budget for their specific team only.
Team Administrator: this role is most suitable for the senior Account Owner. Users with this role applied have the ability to make changes at a company wide level which will apply to the whole HeadBox Business account such as editing payment methods, modifying data on the Dashboard and suspending users across the whole account. They will also have unrestricted access to all Team Member and Team Manager booking and spend data. 

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