The HeadBox Host calendar links directly to your Pipeline. You'll see all of your enquiries, tentative bookings and accepted bookings are pulled through to your Pipeline automatically.

This will help you keep track of what’s there and make sure there are no double bookings (which is always handy).

To help you keep track of what is coming up at your venue, and which bookings are confirmed, we’ve created different colours and themes in the calendar. This means you can easily distinguish enquiries, tentative bookings and confirmed bookings. 

  • A white box is a new enquiry and the coloured border refers to the Space in your venue that is being enquired about.
  • A shaded box is a tentative booking, meaning the enquiry it is at Proposal or Order Form stage.
  • A block coloured box is an accepted booking, meaning that payment has been taken and the booking is confirmed to take place.

Should you ever wish to see how many accepted bookings you have in a particular Space, you can filter by your Space or by event stage on the left-hand side of the calendar.

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