The same day bookings release means that you now have more chance of filling your Space's available time slots with last-minute booking requests. Or you can secure another booking if your client cancels suddenly on the day of their event.

 How does it work?

  1. Guests can now ‘Request to Book’ an event for that same day. Guests can do this up to 2 hours before the event start time.
  2. You will need to accept this booking at least 1 hour before the event is due to begin.
  3. A notification will appear on the checkout page when a Guest goes to make a same day booking, to ensure that they want to proceed with a same day booking request.

The below notification will also appear on any proposals or order forms you send out for a same day booking. 

If this doesn’t suit your venue, you can choose to opt out of this feature. Here's how to opt out of same day bookings:

  1. Go to your Listings where you will be able to edit the settings of each Space Listing.
  2. Click Actions and then Edit.
  3. Click on Category and Capacity from the left-hand side menu.
  4. Scroll down to 'Requests for same day booking are' and select Disallowed.

This will disable Same Day Bookings on that particular listing.

Booking requests which are made on the same day via this new feature still have to be accepted by you in the usual way in order to be confirmed.

This feature simply allows booking requests to be sent on the same day. 

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