To delete an event, open up the event you’d like to delete and click ‘Decline’ in the top-right corner of the events page. Once you’ve done this you will be prompted to select the reason why you are declining the event. 

If you just want to decline the event, then please select the most relevant reason, this will archive the event in your pipeline so you can review it if necessary. Please note that the reason for decline is purely for internal purposes and will not be relayed to the Guest. 

However, if you have made an error or the event contains incorrect information and you would like to permanently delete it, then please select ‘Delete as Incorrect’. 

Please note, if you cannot accommodate an event you can refer the client back to the HeadBox platform, where a member of our team can pick up the enquiry. If we are able to help the client find another venue and they make a booking, you get a share of our 10% commission.

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