If you decide to progress an Enquiry, you can follow up with a Proposal, providing your Guest with more information on their Enquiry, reviewing what would be included, pricing and any additional menus, floorplans etc.

To create a proposal, you first need to open the Enquiry in your Pipeline that you would like to move forward to the proposal stage. Then, click on the ‘Create Proposal’ button. 

This will open up the Proposal tab, from where you can start building your Proposal. Once selected, a new Proposal page will appear that automatically pulls through all the event details from the original enquiry. All you need to do is add cost items to start building out the Proposal you want to offer that Guest for their event. 

Enter additional information where needed in the Proposal Description and upload any documents such as floor plans, menus or extra images as necessary. 

The next step on this Proposal form is the Contract. Here, you will have one of two options; 

  1. Standard Template - this will send through your standard Terms & Conditions (uploaded via your listing) 
  2. Bespoke Contract - if you have altered your T&C’s for a particular Guest or event, you can create a Bespoke Contract which will override the original T&C’s you have on your Standard Template.

Once you’ve finalised the contract you can leave a custom message to be sent in the email to your Guest. You can also add an expiry date to remind your Guest of when they will need to confirm this by.

Finally, to send your Proposal to your Guest, click 'Save and Send', alternatively, if you're not quite ready you can also 'Save and Close' to return to this later.

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