If you've created your venue listings and are ready to publish them on the HeadBox platform, you will need to enter your payment details onto your account beforehand. 

This is because HeadBox acts as the booking and payment engine. The Guest pays us in full up-front and we remit these funds to you minus our 10% commission. In the meantime, the funds are kept in an escrow account. 

The advantages of this are;

  • we do all the chasing for you for invoices and contracts
  • this process can allow for dispute resolution

The entire process is managed digitally. Guests can book and pay via our website or by invoice. In booking your venue, the Guest must adhere to your T&C's and your cancellation policy. 

When you submit your listings for review you will be asked for the following information; 

- Profile Picture
- Account Name
- Account Number
- Sort Code
- VAT number 

Your venue listings cannot be published on the HeadBox marketplace without adding all of these details to the Host account. 

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