Welcome to the HeadBox community. As a HeadBox Host, you'll be fielding enquiries on the platform. To ensure that both Guests and Hosts get the most out of HeadBox, we have created these guidelines. Hosts who consistently follow these guidelines see more repeat bookings, recommendations and higher reviews. 

Better response times - don't make Guests wait too long for a reply. With HeadBox's automated messaging system, as soon as a Guest sends you a message, you will be notified by email. The quicker you respond to an enquiry, the better. 

If a Guest sends you an enquiry that doesn’t quite suit your venue, we recommend that you respond to let them know that on this occasion you won’t be able to host their event. Failing to respond or ignoring briefs that you can't service can reflect poorly on a venue Host. Even if your Space is not a good fit for a given event, it may be ideal for a future one - so avoid missing out on business further down the line and be sure to let the Guest know why you can't service their brief.

Host Do’s and Dont’s 


  • Maintain up-to-date contact details on your account so that our Account Managers can easily contact you with any enquiries - avoid using the venues main reception line if possible.

  • Respond to enquiries from Guests and Account Managers within 24 hours - the quicker you respond the more impressed a potential Guest will be.

  • Offer easy to understand quotations and availability to any incoming enquiries.

  • Advertised rates should be as realistic as possible - make sure that all the pricing advertised on your site are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Make sure your account bio is complete so that Guests and our Account Managers have a great insight into the team behind the venue.


  • Quote for enquiries with the HeadBox fees added on top of your normal rates - as per our T&C's we are unable to mark up prices to accommodate for our commission as this is taken before remittance based on the venue's true pricing.

  • Include your direct website link or contact details on HeadBox public profiles.

  • Use poor quality photos - it's a fact that top quality photos will improve the traffic and popularity of your listing. For more top tips on your listing photography check out this page

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