When creating your listing, photography is crucial. We strongly encourage all Hosts upload at least 3 high resolution photos. This will ensure that your venue gets the attention it deserves from our Guest bookers. If you need any assistance with this, HeadBox is here to help.

Photography Services

You want to make sure you are presenting your Space in the best possible way, and we want to make that as easy as possible. So, we offer a professional photography service for a small fee per venue. The photographer will arrange the layout of the Space(s), take, edit, upload and order the photos for you. 

Please note, any photos taken by a HeadBox photographer that are used as part of your listings will be watermarked. However, if you wish for this watermark to be removed then you are more than welcome to purchase the photos so you can use them on external sites or promotions. 

If you would like to arrange for a HeadBox photographer to visit your Space, email us at info@headbox.com with your name, rough size of your Space and location.

Power Host Packages 

  • HeadBox 3D - HeadBox 3D is our state of the art new technology that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by offering a 3D tour of your venue on your HeadBox listing. 

  • Marketing Promotion - We can offer you a tailored marketing package to increase the visibility of your site to our corporate clients which will be sent out to our entire database of corporate bookers. 

If you would like more information on either of these services please email us at info@headbox.com with your name, venue and what you are interested in and he can set up a call to go through a bespoke package that best works for your venue. 

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