The dynamic pricing feature makes managing the booking prices on your HeadBox listing much easier, and getting started is really simple. 

Our pricing structure allows you to list three main types of price: venue hire, minimum spend and delegate rates. You can specify exactly which time slots correspond to each price type and which days of the week this price is available to book. 

Throughout this article, we are going to run through how you can input each price type, how you can make a price directly bookable on the platform and how to choose which price to show as your display price.

You can add a variety of price types for the same day, even for the same times if you want to. There's no limit to the number of prices or price types per listing you can upload so we suggest being as thorough as possible. 

Let’s go through the different options; 

In order to input your minimum prices you will need the following information 

  • Minimum spend price (e.g. £1,000) 
  • Start and finish time for that price (e.g. 6pm - 9pm)
  • Days of the week this applies to (e.g. Monday-Thursday)

You can enter as many minimum spend options as you like, so don’t worry if you have multiple options for different times and days of the week. 

Venue Hire

The next option is venue hire. This is applicable for both dry hire and wet hire options. You will again need the following information:

  • Venue hire fee (e.g. £500) 
  • Start and finish time for that price (e.g. 6pm - 9pm)
  • Days of the week this applies to (e.g. Monday-Friday)

Day Delegate Rate (DDR)

The final price type is Delegate Rate. You’ll need the following information - 

  • DDR (e.g. £50) 
  • Start and finish time for that price (e.g. 6pm - 9pm)
  • Days of the week this applies to (e.g. Monday-Friday)

This would allow a Guest to differentiate between the cost of a morning meeting or an afternoon meeting for example. 

Advertised Price

Once you’ve entered your pricing options, you can choose your advertised price by selecting one of the circles in the far right hand column. Your advertised price is the price that’ll appear on your listing in the HeadBox search results page. 

We suggest selecting the price that gives a good indication of the starting price for that particular space. Remember that this is normally the first price your Guests see, so it’s important that it’s not misleading.

Activating Instant Booking

Now you need to activate the price types which you would like a Guest to be able to instantly book on your listing, to do this, simply tick the relevant boxes in the 'Bookable' column. 

If you activate a certain price for Minimum Spend or Venue Hire then a Guest will be able to send you a booking request for that space at that price. Don’t worry, the bookings will not go through automatically and any requests will still require you to accept or decline as normal. 

If you do not activate a Pricing Type, it will still be visible on your listing, but the Guest will need to contact you via the HeadBox messenger or by sending an Enquiry. 

By this point, you’ll be nearly ready to publish your new prices. Use the description box to clarify any conditions surrounding your price types.

Terms & Conditions

The final step is to add in your pricing T&C’s. As before you then have the opportunity to select your cancellation policy, booking gap and upload any corresponding documents that your Guest will need to see before submitting a booking request.

So there you have it! We hope this guide on how to set up your dynamic pricing has helped you complete your listings. 

If you do need any more help at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on or start a live chat with us on the site. 

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