Are you a venue Host who wants to showcase your amazing venue to potential Guests hassle free? Well then you need HeadBox 3D. You may have noticed some of these 3D models on other HeadBox listings, so here’s everything you need to know about this amazing facility available to all HeadBox Hosts. 

What is HeadBox 3D? 

HeadBox 3D is our state of the art new technology that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by offering a 3D tour of your venue on your HeadBox listing. 

How does it work?

Using our specialist equipment and expertise, we photograph your venue to create a 360 photo of the Space. The images are then edited to create a virtual tour through a dollhouse view of your venue where Guests can navigate through each room and interact with clickable menus, videos and documents. Using 360 photos and virtual tours, you can flawlessly showcase your venue to potential bookers online.

What are the benefits? 

  • Provide your Guest with a virtual tour of your venue from the comfort of their own desk, saving time on site visits for both you and them.  

  • The HeadBox 3D models present your venue as a whole in "Dolls House View" so that Guests can visualise the layout of the Space by a virtual 'walk through' tour.

  • Offer yours Guests a never seen before view of your unique London venue. They can zoom in on specific details, Spaces and multiple floors that showcases the venue in a much better way than normal photos or videos.

  • HeadBox 3D helps in making the site visit process a lot more streamlined - you can use interactive tags to embed menus, fact sheets and rich media throughout your model to provide your Guest with additional information about the Space.

If you want to find out more about this amazing technology, exclusive to HeadBox Hosts, then check the HeadBox page here, or send an email to the team directly to us with some of your venue information and one of the HeadBox sales team will be in touch with a quote and the 3D shot timeline!

Join the many companies using HeadBox 3D to flawlessly showcase and promote their venue to potential bookers online, such as Camm & Hooper, Camden Dining Group and De Vere

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