Step 1: Signing up to HeadBox

Visit HeadBox, click create account in the top right corner and enter the following details:

  • Name

  • Email Address¬†

  • Password

Creating a HeadBox account is completely free, whether you're looking to find a Space or share a Space. 

Step 2: Completing your profile

Visiting someone's profile is a great way to learn more about them ahead of a booking. Once signed up you will need to complete your profile by adding the following:

  • A profile photo

  • Your job title

  • A short introduction about yourself

We recommend that you do not input personal identifiable contact information on your profile. All messages are sent via the HeadBox platform and there is no need to give any further contact details.

Please note, HeadBox reserves the right to edit information you upload to your listing to improve the listing for our Guests. We also offer a copywriting service for a small fee, which includes optimising your listing for search engine results.

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